Restrictions in Connection with the Coronavirus

All lines in the IDS BK network will operate in a modified regime. Since the situation is developing fast, we recommend you check the current status before your journey. On this page we bring you all the known information.
Travel in all types of public transport vehicles is possible only with face respirators, face masks, or other suitable protection (scarf, headcloth…), which will cover the nose and mouth.
Valid timetables
All valid timetables are published in the Timetables section.

Regional Railway Transport

From Monday 11 May 2020 all train services are operating again according to timetables valid for normal working days. However, internetional trains are still cancelled. The following train services are still not operating within the IDS BK: 
  • S8 between railway stations Bratislava-Petržalka and Rusovce (and further to Rajka)
  • S20 trains operating on the route Bratislava main railway station - Marchegg - Vienna
  • Trains between Bratislava-Petržalka and Vienna via Kittsee. (outside of IDS BK)

Regional Bus Transport

From Monday 11 May 2020 all lines operate according to timetables valid for working days during school holidays.
Boarding the bus is possible only through the front doors as before with ticket sale at the driver (or showing him a valid ticket bought before boarding the vehicle). 

City Public Transport

As for Bratislava city public transport lines, from 20th April all bus lines are operating during working days according to timetables valid for school holidays. All tram and trolleybus lines are operating according to timetables valid for weekend. Lines 7, 201 and 211 have special timetables. Saturday and Sunday operation is not affected. It is not possible to board buses and trolleybuses through the front doors and it is not allowed to enter the front part of the vehicle.
Bus lines 25, 26 and 92 are from 20th April operating again, but only during working days. 
City public transport in Senec is temporarily stopped.

Ticket Sale

Ticket offices of DPB (Bratislava city public transport operator) are open again. At the bus station Nivy (operator Slovak Lines) the ticket selling point - window no 6 is open daily from 7:00 to 17:00. Prepaid travel tickets can be purchased also through the internet and for purchasing single tickets for one journey you can use the IDS BK mobile app (iOS & Android).

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