Karnet is an universal ticket designed for multiple use. The ticket has 24 fields (12 on each side) from which you have to validate the right number of fields needed for you journey according to the attached manual. You can use the Karnet for 2 to 8 journeys..

Who is the Karnet intended for?

The Karnet is intended for everyone, who doesn't travel often enough for the Travelcard to be worth for him and who doesn't want to buy a new ticket for every journey. Passengers travelling outside the prepaid zones might also appreciate the benefits of the Karnet.

How to use the Karnet?

The procedure is easy. First you have to find out from the table how many fields you need for your journey and then count this number of fields from field number 1 or from the last validated field. Fold the ticket before the field you need to validate and validate it in the ticket validator. It isn't necessary to stamp every field, but only the last one. Only the field stamped at the beginning of the journey and the fields before this field are considered as validated. Therefore it is important to proceed from field number 1 to field number 24 and not the other way round.

Repeat this procedure for every person travelling.

In the case there are less free fields on the Karnet than you need for your journey, it is possible to combine two Karnets. You have to validate the last field on the first Karnet and then validate the remaining number of fields needed for your journey on the second Karnet. The zone and time validity is then determined by the sum of the validated fields on the two Karnets. Lower down you can find specific examples.

Where to buy the Karnet?

You can buy the Karnet in the ticket offices of the Bratislava city public transport operator (Dopravný podnik Bratislava) and in some newsagents shops.

What is the price of the Karnet?

6,60 €
3,30 €

Travelling with a Karnet is cheaper than travelling with ordinary single tickets for one journey. The discount can reach up to 8% depending what journey you use the Karnet on.

Number of fields
2 zones / 30 min.
0,83 €
7,77 %
3 zones / 60 min.
1,10 €
8,33 %
4 zones / 60 min.
1,38 €
8,00 %
5 zones / 90 min.
1,65 €
8,33 %
6 zones / 90 min.
1,93 €
8,10 %
7 zones / 120 min.
2,20 €
4,35 %
8 zones / 120 min.
2,48 €
0,80 %
9 zones / 150 min.
2,75 €
1,79 %
10 zones / 150 min.
3,03 €
2,25 %
Network ticket / 180 min.
3,30 €
8,33 %

Examples of the use of the Karnet

For better explanation we bring you a graphic presentation of the use of the Karnet.

The use of the Karnet on two trips

The passenger needed to use 4 fields on the previous journey (M), and so he validated the field number 4. On the latest journey (A) he needed 3 fields, so he added 3 fields to the previously used 4 fields and validated the field number 7.

The use of the Karnet for two passengers on one trip

Two passengers are travelling together through 3 zones / 60 minutes with one Karnet. Each of them needs to validate 4 fields on the Karnet. The first passenger validates field number 4 and the second field number 8.

Combining two Karnets

If there aren´t enough free fields for the next journey on your old Karnet, you can combine two Karnets. On the example above the passenger is travelling from the village of Pernek to the city of Bratislava (7 zones) and he needs to validate 8 fields. On the older Karnet (M) there are only 3 fields left after previous journeys. The passenger validated the last field on the old Karnet and the fifth on the new one. Together he has 8 validated fields.