Integrated transport system

An integrated transport system (IDS) is a system of public transport service in a certain area, consisting several modes of transport and lines of several carriers, in which passengers are transported according to common transport and tariff conditions. Passengers can use a single ticket which is valid regardless of the carrier and the means of transport used.

With proper implementation and interconnectivity of the different means of transport, all subjects in the transport system can gradually benefit from the ITS system. First and foremost, the users of the system - the passengers for whom the system is designed to meet their transport needs in a sustainable way, then the institutions responsible for providing transport services (transport service providers) and, last but not least, the transport operators.

Benefits for passengers:
  • attractive transport offer (line connections, creation of routes)
  • making the transport system well aranged
  • common transport and tariff conditions
  • common tariff and check-in system
  • guaranteed quality of transport services
Benefits for carriers:
  • aincreasing the attractiveness of public transport
  • increasing the potential of the transport market
  • certainty of contractual relationship with customers of transport services
  • coordination of carriers in the region

The company Bratislavská integrovaná doprava, a.s. aims to introduce and operate a full-fledged integrated transport system in the Bratislava region under the name Integrated Transport System in the Bratislava Region (IDS BK). To make travel easier and more comfortable at a reasonable price and to make public passenger transport more attractive so that passengers travel less in their private cars and save the environment.