Night Transport

How to travel at night

The night transport operates from 23:30 until 4:30. They operate instead of the day lines, which don´t operate at night at all or only their last or first services operate in some cases. The night transport operates only in the city of Bratislava.

The night lines have all stops on request. If you want to get on or off it is necessary to follow the rules for request stops. It is possible to get on or off the vehicle of a night line by all the doors.

Night lines and connections between them

Night transport in Bratislava is served by 20 lines marked with a combination of the letter N and a number. The numbers are chosen according to numbers of day lines, which have either a similar route or they serve the same part of the city.

The lines N21, N29, N33, N34, N37, N53, N55, N61, N70, N74, N80, N93 and N95 start their route at Hlavná stanica (main railway station), lines N44, N47 and N72 at Hodžovo námestie (Hodžovo square). The line N99 operates only within the district of Petržalka and the peripheral parts are served by lines N56 and N91.

The main night public transport hub is Hlavná stanica (main railway station), where the connections between all lines are guaranteed. It means that no vehicle departs at the common departure time before the last one arrives there. The passenger has always time to change. The common departures from Hlavná stanica are at 23:30, 0:00 (except lines N29, N34 and N37), 0:30, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30. After the vehicles pass through Hodžovo námestie (Hodžovo square) the lines N72 to Dolné hony and N44 to Koliba depart from there (departure always in the 48. minute).

The lines leave their opposite terminous at around 23:55, 0:55, 1:55, 2:55 and 3:55. After the vehicles pass through Hoďžovo námestie in the direction Hlavná stanica it is possible to change to N47 in the direction Valašská.

Night fares

All types of single tickets and Travelcards are valid on all the night lines.