Request Stops

Some of the bus and trolleybus stops within urban trasnport in Bratislava are classified as "request stops".

All stops within the regional bus transport are classified as "request stops".

How do I recognize a request stop?

Request stops are marked with the corresponding text "NA ZNAMENIE" placed on the sign marking the stop. In the timetables they are marked with the symbols x or z. You can also get the information about a stop being on request in the vehicles from the electronic information systems - from the information screens and the audio announcements.

All stops of the night lines are on request.

How to behave at a request stop?

A passenger who wants to get on at a request stop has to stand at a place, where the driver of the approaching vehicle can see him in sufficient advance. We advise you to signal your interest to get on to the driver with your hand.

A passenger who wants to get off at a request stop has to give the driver a signal in sufficient advance by pressing the appropriate button placed near the doors.