Roadworks on Palisády street – temporary changes to the routes of the lines 147, 203, 207, 208 and N

News in brief:Due to roadworks on Palisády street the lines 147, 203, 207 and N47 will be diverted and the services on the line 208 will be cancelled. The restrictions will last from Monday 3 August until Sunday 9 August 2020.

Line 147

will stop after the stop Šulekova in the direction from Búdkova at the following stops:
  • Partizánska on Palisády street as lines 203, 207 and N47 in the direction to the Castle
  • Zochova on Staromestská street as lines 83, 84 and 93 in the direction of Hodžovo nám. (Hodžovo square)
  • Zochova on Piláriková street – the regular stop of the line 147 in the direction to Búdkova
The line will operate along its normal route from the stop Šulekova to Búdkova. It will leave out the stop Hodžovo nám.

Line 203

will have a circular route Koliba – Hodžovo nám. – Palisády – Mudroňova – Búdkova (terminus) – Hroboňova – Pražská – Štefánikova – Hodžovo nám. – Koliba. It will stop at all stops on the way.

Lines 207 and N47

in the direction from Valašská and ŽST Železná studienka to Hodžovo nám. at the stop Vozovňa Hroboňova they will turn left to Hroboňova street and they will continue along Pražská and Štefánikova streets to Hodžovo nám. They will stop at all stops on the way (all stops on the N47 are request stops). There will be no changes to the routes in the direction from Hodžovo nám. to Valašská.
The line 208 will not operate during the restrictions.

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