Changes to Regio Bus lines from Tuesday 1 September 2020

On the line 269

The route of the service no. 18 will be extended (operates only during the school year on working days, the service used to start in Lozorno at 6:27 a.m.). The service will start from the stop “Rohožník, sídlisko” at 6:00 a.m.

A new line 715 will be introduced

The line will operate only during rush hours on working days during the school year. The route will be: Miloslavov (nám.) – Alžbetin dvor (prestup na linku S70) – Dunajská Lužná (Nová Lipnica – Jánošíková) – Kalinkovo – Hamuliakovo (Jednota). The departures will be synchronised with the arrivals and departures of the line S70 train services in/from the direction of Bratislava at the railway stop Miloslavov.

On the line 725

all services will start stopping at the stop “Rovinka, City Park”. This bus stop is situated between the stops “Rovinka, OcÚ” and "Rovinka, VVPT".

From Wednesday 2 September 2020 all Regio Bus lines will operate according to timetables valid for school year working days.