Diversions of the lines 32, 33 and N33

The lines number 32, 33 and N33 will be diverted from Wednesday 11 November 2020 (from around 8 AM) until Monday 16 November 2020 (until around 4 AM) due to road works on the crossroads of the streets Karloveská – Molecova.

Lines 32, 33 and N33 will operate in both directions along Karloveská, Baníkova and Janotova streets. In the direction from Kuklovská to Riviéra (going to the Main railway station) they will stop at the bus stop Janotova at the beginning of Janotova street. The bus stop Janotova on Molecova street will not be served. Other stops on the routes will be served without change. Delays may occur due to longer diversion routes.