Traffic re-established at Mlynské nivy

From Monday 16 November 2020 the lines number 50, 70, 202, 205 and N61 will operate along their original routes through Mynské nivy thanks to the finished reconstruction works of the street.

They will stop in both directions at the stop Autobusová stanica located on the Mlynské nivy street. Going to the city centre (or to Aupark) they will also stop at the stop Košická, autobusová stanica. The diversion route along Páričková street will not be used any more.

  • Lines 21, 25, 88 and 210 (in both directions) will stop again at the stops located between the buildings of the VÚB bank and the new bus station. The temporary stop on Páričkova street will be cancelled.
  • Lines 50 and N61 in the direction of OD Slimák and the Airport, respectively, will go along the streets Mlynské nivy, Svätoplukova and Páričkova and through Dulovo námestie.
  • Lines 208, 212 and N72 will continue to operate along diversion routes. The line number 208 will have the route Šulekova – Nemocnica sv. Michala and the lines 212 and N72 will go along the streets Prievozská, Svätoplukova, Záhradnícka and through Americké námestie.
  • Line X72 will stop operating in connection of renewing the route of the line number 202 to Nemocnica sv. Michala (St. Michael´s Hospital).