Traffic Closure on the Line S70

All train services between Bratislava, hl. st. (Main Railway Station) and Podunajské Biskupice will be cancelled from Saturday 14 November 2020 (from 8:30 AM) until Wednesday 18 November 2020 (until 7:00 PM).

At the same time, on Sunday 15 November 2020 the train service REX 17770 will be cancelled on the whole route and on 16 and 18 November 2020 the following services will be also completely cancelled:

  • In the direction to Bratislava Os 4310, Os 4314, Os 4332, Os 4336 a Os 4340.
  • In the direction to Dunajská Streda Os 4307, Os 4311, Os 4331, Os 4335 a Os 4339.

The cancelled category Os services will be replaced by category REX services, which will stop as category Os services between Podunajské Biskupice and Kvetoslavov.

The closure will start on 14 November 2020 with the services:

  • Os 4315 (Bratislava 9:05 – Pod. Biskupice 9:22 – Dunajská Streda 10:07)
  • Os 4314 (Dunajská Streda 7:50 – Pod. Biskupice 8:38 – Bratislava 8:55)

The closure will finish on 18 November 2020 with the services:

  • Os 4345 (Bratislava 18:35 – Pod. Biskupice 18:54 – Dunajská Streda 19:40)
  • Os 4342 (Komárno 16:37 – Pod. Biskupice 18:35 – Bratislava 18:55)

Passengers travelling between the stations Bratislava, hl. st. (Main Railway Station) and Podunajské Biskupice can use the city public transport lines to get to the stops Hronská and Dudvážska, where they can change to free of charge replacement bus services marked as XS70 going to ŽST Podunajské Biskupice (Railway Station Podunajské Biskupice) taking the route:

  • ŽST Podunajské Biskupice - Dudvážska - Hronská (direction to Bratislava
  • Hronská – Dudvážska - ŽST Podunajské Biskupice (direction to Dunajská Streda)

S70_výluka_mapa liniek BUS

Tips on how to get to the train on the routes:

Bratislava hl. st. – Podunajské Biskupice

Line number 201 to the stop Hronská or Dudvážska and change to the bus XS70.

Bratislava Nové Mesto – Podunajské Biskupice

Line number 4 to the stop Trnavské mýto and change to the line number 201 to the stop Hronská or Dudnážska, from where you can get the bus XS70.

Bratislava-Vrakuňa – Podunajské Biskupice

Line number 79 (the stop Železničná) to the stop ŽST Podunajské Biskupice.

It is necessary to have a travel ticket valid within the IDS BK when travelling on the city public transport lines. Transport of bicycles is forbidden in the XS70 replacement buses. Transport for immobile passengers is limited due to the conditions (height between the pavement and the vehicle floor) at Podunajské Biskupice Railway Station.