Changes in city public transport from Sunday 13 December 2020

Apart from the already published changes in the timetables of the regional bus lines and changes to the names of some stops in Bratislava, also timetables of some city public transport lines will be modified.

  • The line 57 will start operating along its original route after the reopening of the bridge to Žabí majer on Bojnická street. The line 57 It will take the route from Depo Jurajov dvor directly to Žabí majer or to Stavivá, respectively, and back through Zlaté piesky and Stará Vajnorská to Depo Jurajov dvor.
  • The stop Avion, IKEA in the direction from the Airport to Avion Shopping Park will be cancelled for the lines 61, 69, 96 and N61. Passengers can use the stop Pestovateľská instead. In the direction to the Airport the stop Avion, IKEA will remain unchanged.