Reduction of IDS BK Train Services

Train services will operate according to timetables valid for Saturdays supplemented by selected services.

In connection with the ongoing pandemic situation, the restrictions imposed by the Government of the Slovak Republic limiting the mobility of the population, and based on the order of the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic, as the contracting authority for passenger train services in the public interest, the state train operator Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko, a. s. (ZSSK) is going to exceptionally change the train timetables valid for 2020/2021. The special changes to the train timetables will come into force from Sunday, 28 March 2021.

Train services will operate like on a Saturday according to the new COVID train timetables valid from 28 March 2021. Some additional train services will be added to the standard Saturday timetable to secure basic transport services for all citizens. The following train services will operate during workdays in addition to the Saturday timetable.

Lines S20 (Bratislava – Malacky – Sekule)

Os 2056 Bratislava 5:16 PM – Kúty 6:20 PM

Os 2003 Kúty 4:46 AM – Bratislava 6:10 AM

Line S50 (Bratislava – Pezinok – Trnava)

REX 1732 Trenčín 4:42 AM – Bratislava 6:24 AM

Linka S60 (Bratislava – Senec – Reca)

REX 1876 Nové Zámky 6:18 AM – Bratislava 7:32 AM

Os 4625 Bratislava 4:09 PM – Nové Zámky 5:38 PM

Linka S70 (Bratislava – Kvetoslavov)

Os 4302 Komárno 3:30 AM – Bratislava 5:38 AM