Diversions on the lines 204, 205 and N61 in Trnávka

On the 19 and 20 June 2021 (Saturday and Sunday), including the night from the 18 to 19 June (Friday/Saturday) and the night from the 20 to 21 June (Sunday/Monday), traffic at the intersection of the streets Slovinská and Bulharská will be stopped due to road works.

The lines 204 and 205 will operate along Rožňavská in both directions up to a temporary terminus stop “Depo Trnávka”. They will stop at the stop “Pri strelnici” (request stop) on the route along Rožňavská.

The line N61 will operate in both directions along Rožňavská, Rádiová and Bulharská. It will stop at all stops on the route (all stops are on request).

The stops “Hanácka“ and „Spoločenská“ will not be served at all on the given dates. The stops “Bulharská“ and “Rádiová“ will not be served by the lines 204 and 205.