Delays on the line S70

During the weekend from 24 to 25 July 2021, train services on the line S70 will be delayed due to works on the railway line outside the IDS BK territory.

On 24 and 25 July 2021, some S70 train services will be delayed due to works on the section of the railway line between Orechová Potôň and Lehnice.

The following train services will be affected:

Os 4317 Bratislava hl. st. 10:05 AM – Komárno 12:14 PM

Os 4322 Komárno 9:42 AM – Bratislava hl. st. 11:54 AM

Os 4321 Bratislava hl. st. 12:04 AM – Komárno 2:14 PM

Os 4326 Komárno 11:42 AM – Bratislava hl. st. 1:54 PM

The expected delays of the affected train services will be approximately 15 minutes. Waiting of the connecting train services will not be guaranteed in case of longer delays. The regular order of carriages in the trains may not apply in all cases.