Changes to the City Public Transport in Bratislava from 1 September 2021

From Wednesday 1 September 2021, the following changes will be introduced in Bratislava:

The city public transport lines will operate according to standard timetables valid for the school year workdays from Thursday 2 September 2021. Only the lines 31 and 39 will have an exception and operate according to school holiday workdays timetables.

Line 208 will be permanently cancelled. The line 147 will serve as a replacement in the area of Šulekova street and it will operate more frequently – every 30 minutes.

1.Changes to lines with the route across Prístavný most

Lines 96, 98 and 196 will operate once again across Prístavný most and stop at the bus stop Prístavný most on Bajkalská street when going in the direction from Petržalka to the Airport/Kukučínová street/Stn. Nové Mesto (Nové Mesto railway station). The lines will no longer stop at the stop Miletičova and the same applies for the stop Prievozská for the line 98. The diversions across the Most Apollo in the direction to Petržalka will continue.

2.Changes to lines serving Vrakuňa / Podunajské Biskupice

Line 65 will no longer serve the stop Cudzinecká polícia. The intervals between the services on the line 65 will be shortened during workdays.

Line 79 will have a shortened route (Topoľové) – Lieskovec – Stn. Podunajské Biskupice.

Line 87 will have a shortened route Petržalka, Ovsište – Most Apollo – Vlčie hrdlo – Kazanská – Uzbecká – Železničná – Bodvianska. The bus services will have the terminus near to where the streets Železničná and Bodvianska meet.

As a replacement for the lines 79 and 87, the line 78 will have added services operating between Stn. Podunajské Biskupice and Astronomická. These services will operate also during weekends and bank holidays.

3.Changes to lines serving the area around the Airport and Avion

Line 61 will no longer stop at the stop Fafruny.

A new line number 163 will be introduced. It will operate daily, in the morning only in the direction to Račianske mýto and in the afternoon in the direction of the terminus Za Mokráňom. The route of the line will be: Za Mokráňom (new stop by the common lodging house Vincent de Paul) – Ivanská cesta - Trnavská cesta - Trnavské mýto - Račianske mýto (final stop on Legionárska street, first stop on Šancová street). The line will stop at all stops along the route.

The bus stop Pestovateľská in the direction to the city centre will be renamed to Avion, IKEA.