Changes To Bratislava City Public Transport From 1 November 2021

From Monday 1 November 2021, changes are expected in the operation of the city public transport in Bratislava.

The following trolleybus lines will be renumbered:

•201 to 71

•202 to 72

•203 to 44

•204 to 64

•205 to 60

•207 to 47

•209 to 49

•210 to 40

•211 to 45

•212 to 42

The following stops will be renamed:

•“ČOV Dev. Nová Ves” will be renamed to "Napájiská"

•“Partizánska” will be renamed to "Svoradova"

•“Panorama City” will be renamed to "Landererova"

•“Technopol” will be renamed to "Kutlíkova"

•“OC Dubrawa” will be renamed to "Pri Hrubej lúke"

•“Pri kaplnke” will be renamed to "Bystrické sady"

New stops will be introduced (all on request):

•a new stop called “Pod Vŕškami” will be introduced on the line 36 between the stops “Bystrické sady” and “Rudavská” – only in the given direction

•a new stop called “Drozdová” will be introduced on the line 52 between the stops “Tbiliská” and “Zvončeková”

•the line 78 will the stop “Pod Gaštanmi” in both directions (together with the line 67)

The timetables of the following lines will be changed:

•the line 43 will stop serving Kačín and all services will operate only between Patrónka and Lesopark

•the line 52 services to Potočná and the line 144 will have a shortened period of operation

•all services on the line 58 will operate between the stops “Stn. Nové Mesto” and “Technická” and some services will take a detour to “ZŠ Odborárska”

•the lines 59 and N55 will start stopping at the stop “Rybničná” on Rybničná street in both directions

•the lines 71 and 72 (former 201 and 202) will serve the terminus “Čiližská” normally again

•the line 77 will no longer serve the stop “Vodostav”

•the line 80 will have a new terminus called “Nesto” located on Kopčianska street; the stop “Kopčianska will be relocated to Kopčianska street near to the motorway bridge

the season line 154 will be cancelled