Cancelled S70 Trains Between Podunajské Biskupice and Nové Košariská

On Thursday 21 July 2022 between 10 AM and 1:50 PM, the railway infrastructure manager (ŽSR) has planned reconstruction works which will limit the train services on the section of the railway line between the stations Podunajské Biskupice and Nové Košariská.

The following train services will be replaced with buses on the route between Podunajské Biskupice and Nové Košariská:

Os 4313 Bratislava hl. st. 10:03 AM – Podunajské Biskupice 10:22 AM – Nové Košariská 10:28 AM – Komárno. 12:14 PM,

Os 4356 Dunajská Streda 9:53 AM – Nové Košariská 10:30 AM – Podunajské Biskupice 10:37 AM – Bratislava hl. st. 10:55 AM,

Os 4343 Bratislava hl. st. 11:03 AM – Podunajské Biskupice 11:22 AM – Nové Košariská 11:28 AM – Dunajská Streda 12:09 PM,

Os 4312 Komárno 9:42 AM – Nové Košariská 11:30 AM – Podunajské Biskupice 11:37 AM – Bratislava hl. st. 11:55 AM,

Os 4317 Bratislava hl. st. 12:03 PM – Podunajské Biskupice 12:22 PM – Nové Košariská 12:28 PM – Komárno 2:13 PM,

Os 4358 Dunajská Streda 11:53 AM – Nové Košariská 12:30 PM – Podunajské Biskupice 12:37 PM – Bratislava hl. st. 12:55 PM,

Os 4319 Bratislava hl. st. 1:03 PM – Podunajské Biskupice 1:22 PM – Nové Košariská 1:29 PM – Dunajská Streda 2:09 PM,

Os 4316 Komárno 11:42 AM – Nové Košariská 1:30 PM – Podunajské Biskupice 1:37 PM – Bratislava hl. st. 1:55 PM.

Stops of the replacement buses:

Railway stationLocation of stops for replacement buses
Podunajské Biskupicein front of the station building
Rovinkabus stop Rovinka, Obecný úrad
Nové Košariskáin front of the station building

Additional information:

•the delays of the affected train services are expected to reach 15 minutes,

•transport of immobile passengers and bicycles is not allowed in the replacement buses, luggage will be transported without any limits,

•waiting of connecting train services will not be guaranteed in the case of long delays,

•the regular order of the train carriages may not apply in all cases.

In relation to the changes, we advise the passengers to be at the railway platform in advance and pay special attention to the station announcements.