Changes in operation of Bratislava public transport lines from 13 February 2023

Dear passengers,

From Monday 13 February 2023 the operation of line 184 will be restored. Lines 31 and 39 will be operated according to the timetables valid for the working day of the school year and the shuttle services on line 87 in the section Vlčie Hrdlo - Ovsište will be restored.

Due to the poor financial situation of the city of Bratislava, from 13 February 2023 the operation of these routes will be reduced:

•lines 27, 58, X70 will be cancelled

•lines 45, 145, 147 and 151 will be cancelled on non-working days. These lines will be operated only on working days, line 45 only during peak hours of working days.

•line 79 will be operated daily only between 6:00-9:00 and 14:00-18:00 in the section Stn. Podunajské Biskupice - Lieskovec.

•line 7 will be operated on working days during the school year, it will be cancelled during school holidays.

Line 147 will have a changed route. In the direction from Búdková to Hodžovo nám., it will run from Na Slavíne street directly to Havlíčkova street, in this direction it will not make a detour to Kalvária. It will only go to Kalvária when going from Hodžovo nám. to Búdková.

In case of questions, you can contact the IDS BK Information Center: