Baggage fare

The baggage fare is designed for transporting larger baggage, dogs and bicycles*. It is valid within the zone and time validity on all IDS BK lines, including the night lines, and you can also change between them as you wish. Tickets for baggage are sold both in the form of paper and electronic travel tickets.

*cannot be used for transporting a bicycle on the ZSSK trains.

Paper Travel Ticket

For carrying specified larger items you can use either a paper ticket marked as baggage fare or a reduced paper ticket with a 2 zone/15 minute validity, which is then valid in the whole IDS BK network for 180 minutes.

Validate the paper ticket in the nearest ticket validator immediately after entering the vehicle. In the case you start your journey by using a train, validate the ticket on the platform before getting on the train, as long as it isn't stated otherwise on the train station, website of the coordinator or transport operator. A ticket without the validation stamp is invalid for travel.

Electronic Travel Ticket

The electronic travel ticket can be bought from a multifunctional ticket validator by using the eWallet or from the driver of a regional bus. The instructions on how to purchase the ticket can be found in the section dedicated to the sale of electronic travel tickets. The validity of the electronic ticket for baggage is the same as the validity of the ticket for the holder of the smart card.

What is the price of the ticket?

Type of Ticket and its Validity (zone / time)
Price from 1 July 2023
PAPER TICKET: network / 180 min.
0,55 €
ELECTRONIC TICKET: validity according to the validity of the ticket for the holder of the smart card
0,49 €