Ticket Machines

The ticket machines are located mostly in the zones 100 and 101. You can find them mainly at busy public transport stops and stations, or where it is inevitable to ensure a nonstop availability of tickets. In the region outside the city of Bratislava they are located at the most important railway stations.

There are two types of ticket machines in service. All ticket machines give change.

Multifunctional Ticket Machines

The multifunctional ticket machines (red colour) offer a complete selection of Single tickets, day tickets as well as Travelcards. You can also use them to top up the credit on your eWallet. They do not offer Karnet tickets. The payment is possible with coins and banknotes and also with bank cards. Selected ticket machines are enabled to sell Travelcards onto the BMK (Bratislava City Card for Bratislava residents only) with a discount.

Locations of the Multifunctional Ticket Machines

Ordinary Ticket Machines at Public Transport Stops

Ordinary ticket machines at city public transport stops offer Single tickets (for 2 to 6 zones) and day tickets with a 24 hour validity. The payments are possible only with coins.

Locations of the Ordinary Ticket Machines

There are exactly 370 tickets machines located mostly at public transport stops in Bratislava.